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I'm the king of the dinosaurs of prehistoric fame
Ain't nobody gonna challenge me
'Cause Tyrant is in my name
I got teeth longer than your right hand,
I'm taller than your house
Don't need no arms to rule the earth,
'Cause I can crush you like a mouse
You can bow before my might, my right,
And maybe I won't bite

Some people say I got feathers,
Some say I'm not that great
But they can't say it to my face
Or else they meet a gruesome fate
They say an asteroid's coming,
They say it'll soon be here
But I'm no puny Procompsagnathus
So why should I have to fear?
The world is mine to use or abuse,
Haven't you heard the news?

Instrumental break!

I think the world is ending,
My blood is running cold
The world can't live without me!
Oh, why should I have to grow old?

Ooh, he's a dinosaur!
Ooh, he's a dinosaur!
Ooh, he's a dinosaur!


from The Dawn of the Lathe Symphonic, released November 15, 2010
Andy Lowe: Bass, backing vocals
Aaron J Shay: Rhythm guitar, lead vocals, cymbals
Ira Carrithers: Lead guitar, backing vocals, organ




The Lathe Symphonic Seattle, Washington

The sun has set on the Lathe Symphonic. If you want to hear more music like this, visit aaronjshay.net for our lead singer's current projects.

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